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Tackling Hunger in West Cheshire: the Inside Story

23rd November 2016

UPDATE: We’ve got an issue with this video but we’re working to resolve it as soon as we can.

A new documentary film about the working of West Cheshire Foodbank is released today (Wednesday 23rd November). It sets out to raise public awareness of some of the reasons people turn to foodbanks – as well as the practical problems of meeting the growing demand for support.

The local Foodbank have worked with professional film-maker Michelangelo Girardi to create a 45 minute documentary which tells their story, and the story of some of the people that seek their help.  The documentary features interviews with people struggling with poverty, as well as partner agencies and key local politicians. It takes you behind the scenes at collection and distribution points, and the warehouse, to meet some of the volunteers that keep this independent charity (part of the Trussell Trust network) running smoothly.

By revealing life on the frontline at the charity, Cheshire-based, independent film-maker Michelangelo Girardi, hopes to raise awareness of how the West Cheshire Foodbank works, as well as to stimulate conversation about why foodbanks are needed and why so many people are struggling to feed themselves and their families.

“People still regularly tell us they didn’t realise that the Foodbank could help them. So the offer from a local filmmaker to raise awareness of our work was really welcome,” says Alec Spencer, Foodbank Development Officer.  “Our hope is that people will share this documentary across the borough, and beyond. Not only so that people will know where to turn when things get tough, but also because we need to keep asking why foodbanks are still so      desperately needed in 2016.”

The film is freely available online, and is especially aimed at organisations, charities, churches and groups addressing poverty related issues – as well as schools, colleges and supportive businesses – to help them understand the detailed working of the foodbank.

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