#stillhungry report: New Foodbank research sheds light on who faces hunger, why & for how long

19th July 2016

#stillhungryUniversity of Oxford and University of Chester researchers have today revealed findings from one of the most systematic and detailed studies yet conducted of people receiving emergency food in the UK.

The #stillhungry report draws on two years of detailed statistical data from West Cheshire Foodbank, part of the UK-wide Trussell Trust Foodbank Network, and makes several recommendations for practical ways in which the need for the foodbank could be reduced.


  • Crisis could hit anyone: food parcels were distributed to people living in all 46 wards
  • Benefit delays were responsible for one in five referrals while benefit sanctions were responsible for 1 in 12 referrals. The duration of crisis for those sanctioned was considerably longer however
  • 1 in 5 of people affected by benefit sanctions were children

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