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We work closely with the Pop-Up team in Ellesmere Port which teaches anyone willing to learn how to make cheap nutritious meals.

Recipes range from apple crumble and bean goulash to corned beef hash burgers, peanut butter flapjacks and vegetable curry

Our thanks in particular to Wendy from Pop-Up, as well as our our warehouse volunteers, for working on these dishes.

You can see the recipes they've been using here.

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We rely on food donations to provide emergency food for people in crisis. Please give in-date non-perishable food.

What do we need?

Below, you can see our food needs for the next couple of weeks - many thanks for your support!

Click here to download our Shopping List of the items that we collect. Please note that we don't accept infant formula. Here's why.

Public Collection Points

Here is a list of Public Collection Points which are located throughout West Cheshire.

Could you host a Collection Box in your community? - Here are the details.

Shirley's Story

"Shirley works 30 hours a week and gets £9.38 working tax credit. She says people in work should be paid a living wage. Shirley ended up going to her local food bank when her rent was taken out twice from her bank account."

About the Real Benefits Street website

"Real Benefits Street is a chance for people receiving benefits – real-life experts – to tell their own stories, and show the true reality of life on benefits. Their stories challenge the myths which stigmatise those who are supported by benefits, and the assumptions lying behind the changes and cuts that are making their lives harder."

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We work with about 50 different agencies across West Cheshire to identify people in crisis. A list of our Partner agencies who assess need and are registered to issue vouchers can be found here.



It’s here that we give our visitors the opportunity to share their stories with you and keep you up to date with the latest news and events at Foodbank. Please take a look if you’d like to know more about us or want to find out more about the difficulties facing so many people in the UK today.





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