No Deal Brexit – Statement from West Cheshire Foodbank Trustees

13th September 2019

The risk of food poverty in a Brexit no-deal scenario

A statement from the trustees 10th September 2019

West Cheshire Foodbank helps people experiencing crisis food poverty caused by social and economic policies. However, we are a campaigning, as well as a helping, organisation. We are part of a movement of people committed to a flourishing society, where the scandal of hunger alongside affluence is ended. Our strategy is therefore to press for policy change rather than to perpetuate the need for foodbanks. It is not our strategy to expand our operation should government policy create more need for our service.

A no-deal Brexit scenario could indeed cause hardship to many people, not least those who are already vulnerable. However, as a Trussell Trust foodbank, we will hold government to account for its performance in creating food security. A no-deal scenario is clearly a policy choice: one that politicians can therefore choose to avoid.

As a local charity working to relieve crisis food poverty, we will of course use our stock – almost all of which is publicly-donated – to help anyone in need. However, we will not be making any specific appeal for additional food donations in response to concerns about the implications of a Brexit no-deal scenario.


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