Farewell Alec

1st August 2017

Our Development Officer, Alec Spencer, is moving on from Foodbank on the 27th July 2017. A well-known face within local and national networks of people and organisations working for food justice in the UK; he will leave a very large gap in our knowledge and capability that we are now challenged to fill.

At the recent annual celebration, Trustee Martin Dick, on behalf of the trustees, spoke about Alec’s contribution to the development of foodbank and the journey we will travel even after he has moved on. Martin said, “At West Cheshire Foodbank we want to support local communities to respond to the injustice of food poverty. Examples of Alec’s work: founding the West Cheshire Poverty Truth Commission and the Welcome Network, and developing partnerships with organisations including The Trussell Trust and Feeding Britain, have helped lay clear tracks for the journey we are now taking together.”

“Alec also invested time in developing our operations, helping to secure funding for new staff and supporting initiatives to amplify the voices of people with lived experiences of poverty in both local and national media. We are grateful that Alec has shown such a passion for food justice, that he has pursued this in his professional career and that he has dedicated 4 years of his life to us.”

Alec said “As I move on from Foodbank into a new season, I have been reflecting on the journey that we have taken together. It has been a formative experience for me. I want to emphasise how thankful I am for the ways in which you are a blessing and for the grace you have shown me in this role. Thank you.

Food is the most basic of our human needs and rights. My prayer is that you will remain outraged that our neighbours are going hungry; resolute that charity cannot be a substitute for justice and relentless in your efforts to create communities where all people can participate with dignity.”

We hold Alec in high esteem and as we say goodbye, we sincerely wish him our best and know that he will continue to make a much needed difference in our society.

You can stay in touch with Alec via LinkedIn or Twitter. @spencer_alec |

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